Michigan Dog Man

WHERE : Latitude :44.238, Longitude :-85.63586


WHAT HAPPENED: The best known Michigan cryptid is the Michigan Dogman. The half-man, half-canine was first spotted near Cadillac in Wexford County in the northern Lower Peninsula. While the dogman stands tall, it has a canine look and a startling howl. The sightings date back to 1887 and were just stories and legend until 2004 when the Gable Film was discovered. An old family 8mm that was purchased at an estate sale.  Source: wrkr.com.  There are photos and movies of documented sightings.  This film covers the examples of evidence captured to date. Decide for yourself whether a creepy dog like hybrid could still be roming the forests and fields of Northern Michigan...https://youtu.be/-1l6ueDTwlg


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