WHERE : Latitude :35.261963, Longitude :-75.519191


WHAT HAPPENED: On the morning of January 31, 1921, the Carroll A. Deering was spotted off the shore of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The five-masted commercial schooner had last made contact with land two days before, when Captain Jacobson of the Cape Lookout Lightship fielded a call from the ship. He reported speaking with a thin, red-haired man with a foreign accent, who claimed that the ship had lost its anchors, and its crew was milling about the deck in an unusual fashion. Due to inclement weather, the ship was unreachable for another several days after it was seen on the sandbar, and when rescue crews finally boarded the ship on February 4, it was completely empty. Though all of the crew s belongings, the ship s log and navigation devices, and the lifeboats were gone, it appeared that a meal was being prepared at the time of the crew s disappearance. The only sign of life left on the ship was a few cats.



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