October 23, 2019

Date : 2019-10-23

He even grants wishes!

August 29, 2019
The Man in the Mirror

Date : 2019-08-29

Irish investigators capture an mage of a ghostly man and child in a castle mirror.

The INTERNET is Listening to You

Date : 2019-08-29

Listen to an expert on Internet eavesdropping and just how much they are watching you.

June 29, 2019
UFOS ARE REAL according to US Patent Office

Date : 2019-06-29

Patent filed for quantum field technology.

May 03, 2019
Video of Spirit Rising FROM DEAD WOMAN'S BODY!

Date : 2019-05-03

What do you think? Fact or Fake? Still Creepy!

April 26, 2019
Cryptid Tracks- A Visual Guide

Date : 2019-04-26

Here is a guide for you-Check those tracks in your backyard!

April 02, 2019
Phantom Hat Man Haunts Virginia

Date : 2019-04-02

and apparently brings other spirits with him...

February 07, 2019

Date : 2019-02-07

Watch this video-Incredible footage at the UN 

January 02, 2019
DOGMAN sighted in Arkansas

Date : 2019-01-02

7 Feet tall and not friendly!

November 27, 2018
Was JFK killed because he wanted to come clean about Aliens?

Date : 2018-11-27

This video report delves into the subject and reveals some interesting ideas.

October 12, 2018
The Creepy Catskill Crone will be scanned!

Date : 2018-10-12

A highly haunted object will be scanned and an attempted spirit communication will take place!

August 14, 2018
A Haunted Police Station

Date : 2018-08-14

Everyone goes home by 11 pm!

July 16, 2018
The 10 Most baffling discoveries that nobody can explain completely

Date : 2018-07-16

These 10 things are truly mysterious.

July 13, 2018
Possessed Clown Doll Caught Moving on Video

Date : 2018-07-13

The clown doll is housed at a museum for haunted antiques.

June 19, 2018

Date : 2018-06-19


June 11, 2018
Ancient Technology Overview Video

Date : 2018-06-11

Proof that advanced civilizations once existed here thousands of years ago?

May 25, 2018
Mysterious "Wolf-Like" Hybrid Creature Shot in Montana!

Date : 2018-05-25

Is this for real?  Crazy looking Animal!

May 20, 2018
Compelling video of a ghost flying towards the camera in a graveyard

Date : 2018-05-20

Watch this new video of a fast moving mist!

May 09, 2018
Secret UFO Study by Pentagon

Date : 2018-05-09

Proof is coming out!

April 27, 2018
Flying snake captured on film?

Date : 2018-04-27

Strange animal or insect sighted for sure.

April 20, 2018
Buzz Aldrin Passes Lie Detector on Alien Sighting

Date : 2018-04-20

He says he saw an alien when he was on the moon.

April 13, 2018
Zoinx!-A Real Life Scooby Doo Mansion!

Date : 2018-04-13

Do I see Shaggy in the upper window?

March 20, 2018
Mexican Demon Doll Filmed in Cemetery Watching Visitors

Date : 2018-03-20

 Intense-A video of the doll is attached here...

March 16, 2018
Bubble Yum Gum was killed by a Spider Egg Legend

Date : 2018-03-16

Kids create an explanation fit to give you shudders.

March 04, 2018

Date : 2018-03-04

It appears that the phone actually lifted itself off the hook.

February 25, 2018
Air Traffic Control Records Strange UFO Over Oregon

Date : 2018-02-25

Evidence points to a large unknown craft that was flying at 37,000 feet.

February 16, 2018
How to tell a good ghost story

Date : 2018-02-16

The art of telling a scary tale revealed...

January 19, 2018
Former Government Official States for the Record...

Date : 2018-01-19

"We may not be alone."

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Date : 2018-01-19

Invite friends and join us as we continue to build our growing platform in 2018!

December 31, 2017
Who were the Fomorians?

Date : 2017-12-31

A great overview of the gigantic monstrosities of legend...

December 21, 2017
New Proof of Alien Existence?

Date : 2017-12-21

Pentagon official claims we have alot of proof-with recent releases-maybe this guy has a point!

December 11, 2017
Terrifying Ghost Video at Irish School

Date : 2017-12-11

Watch this crazy video of a supposed ghost captured on security camera.

November 19, 2017
Bigfoot Sightings of 2017

Date : 2017-11-19

A video summary or recent sightings.

November 14, 2017
The Gates of Hell

Date : 2017-11-14

...Found in Saudi Arabia?

November 10, 2017
Cannibals in Africa

Date : 2017-11-10

Suprise-you are on the menu!

November 06, 2017

Date : 2017-11-06

A creepy story for your Halloween Campfire.

November 04, 2017
The Nightmare and the Hag

Date : 2017-11-04

Ancient legends that don't go away.

November 03, 2017
Unsettling Report of 4 Missing Germans

Date : 2017-11-03

Where did they go?

October 31, 2017
Your Best Chance to see a ghost this Halloween!

Date : 2017-10-31

According to the paranormal experts...

Bizarre Burials and Unearthed Remains

Date : 2017-10-31

Witches, Werewolves and other strange findings?

October 25, 2017

Date : 2017-10-25

Wow...I wouldn't want to see this one in my backyard.

October 19, 2017
Furniture Caught Moving on Camera!

Date : 2017-10-19

A California restaurant has some very interesting video...

October 18, 2017
Halloween Events in the North East Region!

Date : 2017-10-18

Extraordinary Events-Just click the link to reserve tickets!

October 10, 2017
Stanley Hotel Ghosts Captured on Film

Date : 2017-10-10

Pictures apparently show  ghostly entities..

October 05, 2017
Hat Man Report in Virginia

Date : 2017-10-05

A creepy legend has been spotted and he brings ghosts with him.

September 19, 2017
Prove Bigfoot exists and become a Millionaire!

Date : 2017-09-19

The contest (with a huge prize) ends this December.

September 16, 2017
A close encounter with an omniscient being....

Date : 2017-09-16

I see the future and you will read this tale.

September 14, 2017
New UFO Footage released by Chilean Navy

Date : 2017-09-14

Evidence shows the release of a strange liquid or chemical.

September 13, 2017
Strange Sea Creature washes ashore

Date : 2017-09-13

This strange looking monster washed ashore in Texas after hurricane Harvey.  At first it looks like a

September 11, 2017
Ghost caught on Security Camera

Date : 2017-09-11

What do you think it is?

September 10, 2017
Did Aliens inhabit our solar system thousands of years ago?

Date : 2017-09-10

A professor claims there is evidence that our solar system was once inhabited.

September 06, 2017
Tasmanian Tiger long thought extinct potentially filmed by researchers?

Date : 2017-09-06

The Tasmanian Tiger (long thought extinct) may have been found alive and well -Check out the video and judg

August 28, 2017
Mysterious Faeries

Date : 2017-08-28

Evil Faeries-the disturbing stories and legends.

July 21, 2017
Morphing Anomaly Spotted over England

Date : 2017-07-21

Several videos document what is cleary something strange and unusual.

July 14, 2017

Date : 2017-07-14

How many more tales started in such a simple way?

July 07, 2017
A Haunted Library in Bryan, Ohio

Date : 2017-07-07

At first glance, Bryan, Ohio, is a sleepy town tucked into the northwest corner of the state. It’s cl

May 24, 2017

Date : 2017-05-24

NEW events will be discussed here every day.  NEW events will be discussed here every day  NEW ev


Date : 2017-05-24

Creepy clowns are scary. Creepy clowns are scary. Creepy clowns are scary. Creepy clowns are


Date : 2017-05-24

 There will be historical reports and stories too.There will be historical reports and stories too.The


Date : 2017-05-24

This is a test story.  It is text that will eventually be full of colorful detail and will be awesome.

May 23, 2017

Date : 2017-05-23

Check out this crazy picture!!.